Kris Carr Interview: You Have 4 Minutes with the Wellness Superstar, Filmmaker & New York Times Best-Selling Author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

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Before I tell you about how incredibly exciting it was to meet New York Times best-selling author and wellness activist Kris Carr and interview her for my new “You Have 4 Minutes With…” YouTube series, I have to tell you what a wonderful stroke of luck it was that I totally messed up the focus on today’s video. Yup, another unexpected lesson from the Universe. Thank goodness Oprah and her unicorns showed up to save the day…

I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t completely bummed that the video quality got messed up because I was excited and rushing and SO NERVOUS about meeting the woman that has inspired so many big moves in my life and career. But I will tell you that if I hadn’t messed it up, I wouldn’t have tried to fix it with pictures of Oprah and unicorns and new editing techniques that I had to teach myself to make it not suck. And I love the way it turned out… fuzzy focus and all! (But I’ll definitely take notes on how to use my camera for next time.)

Sometimes mistakes make things even more awesome.

Now for the interview, which happened magically after seven years of admiring Kris from afar. When I saw that Kris was speaking at the I Can Do It! Ignite Hay House event with two of my other “teachers”, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Gabrielle Bernstein, I knew that it may be my one opportunity to talk with her. She would be the PERFECT person to kick off my new interview series. She’s been there with me from the beginning of my journey to true health and self-love – my superheroine inspiration.

I started telling people about my desire to meet her. I talked about her online, to my family and to my friends. I was putting the Universe on notice. And of course, my call was answered. It turns out that our friend, Mike Perrine, worked with Kris a few years ago and still had her old assistant’s contact info (Corinne Bowen is now the Creative Director at I held my breath and sent the email. And, well, you can probably figure out the rest.

kris carr nursing dancing bexlife

I got the email from Kris’ new assistant telling me that the interview was a go. The photo above is of me, dancing around my office, nursing Baby Summer, right after I got the good news. The woman who created a Crazy Sexy Life out of a diagnosis of Crazy Sexy Cancer and gave us her Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, instructed us on eating a Crazy Sexy Diet, and welcomed us into her Crazy Sexy Kitchen agreed to sit down with me for my beautiful Blissed In community. Freaking rad. (Also check out Crazy Sexy Survivor for more healing inspiration.)

For my “You Have 4 Minutes With…” interview series, I’m gathering up my favorite people – friends, mentors, do-gooders and all-around amazing folks – to answer some fun questions in a four-minute lightning round Q&A session. You know I’m a recovering reality TV junkie, so as much as I admire the important work Kris Carr is doing, I’m also kind of curious about what’s on her nightstand. (PS – Dina Manzo was sitting two rows in front of me at the event. The 2012 me almost died. Ok, the 2013 no-cable-having me nearly did, too.)

All silliness aside, Kris and the movement she has created have meant so much to me. And I know that if Kris has touched my life in such a profound way – empowering me to take control of my own health, motivating me to do bigger things, inspiring me to be fearless and leave my life as a victim of abuse and depression behind – that she must be doing the same for a lot of my friends – you guys! That’s why I’m so excited to bring this joyful little interview to you.

Something she said at the beginning of her Ignite talk stuck with me. “I’m here today because I love you.” And that’s exactly why I’m offering this new series to you. I love you, and I want to introduce you to all the other people I love so much. Enjoy! (Remember to check back often for new interviews!!)

Thanks to Purusha for my fabulous leggings!
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You Have 4 Minutes With… is the newest installment in my You Have 4 Minutes series of videos that offer quick, simple solutions and inspiration for your everyday life. Allow me to introduce you to the lighter side of some of the most inspirational and influential people on the health, wellness and spirituality scenes. Sure, you may already know their message and their work, but what about what lives on their nightstands or their takes on the meaning of life… Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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