Yummy Monday: My Favorite Low-Calorie Snacks

Last week, with the help of Trainer Patrick, I listed my favorite post-workout foods – yummy eats that will give you the protein you need to help with muscle growth and satisfy your snack-tooth. But what do I love before a workout? If I go to the movies with my honey-bunny? If I’m all by

My 5 Favorite Post-Workout Snacks: Special Guest Trainer Patrick from Anytime Fitness

I’m totally nosy about what everyone else is wearing, eating, stocking in their medicine cabinets (I promise I won’t peek if you invite me over for dinner…), so I totally get that you want to know what I nom-nom-nom on after I workout. Patrick from Anytime Fitness kicks my butt every Monday, so this Monday

Let’s Be Friends Friday: Working Out Doesn’t Suck – Week 3

I’ve said “working out sucks” about seventeen thousand times over the past month. I just can’t say it anymore, because it’s not true. Working out doesn’t suck… overall. It sucks to wake up early and get to the gym. It sucks to have to squeeze in a shower while the baby is crying. It sucks

Let’s Be Friends Friday: Working Out Sucks – Week 2

Today marks Day 13 of my 21-day #WorkingOutSucks challenge, and yes, it still sucks. Well, forcing myself back into a regular fitness routine sucks, but everything else has been pretty sweet. For instance, my super cute knowledgable trainer, Patrick, does not suck. In fact, he’s pretty awesome. (By the way, in case you haven’t noticed,

Let’s Be Friends Friday: Working Out Sucks – Week 1

Yes, I get that it’s weird that I’m this fitness-yoga-instructor-mom-farmer-motivater, and I’m doing a 21-day challenge from a book called Working Out Sucks. But here’s the deal with the week I’m having, folks. I have a sick baby, three other demanding kids (sometimes kids are jerks – yeah, I said it), a husband who’s traveling

Working Out Sucks: Book Review & Giveaway

So this is what’s up. I have a book to review and a few more copies to give to you guys. Chuck Runyon, CEO and Co-Founder of Anytime Fitness (@anytimefitness on Twitter) says that his new book Working Out Sucks is “the only 21-day kick-start plan for health and fitness you’ll ever need”. I read