Food Cravings or Food Addiction? with Alexandra Jamieson


You work so hard, so it's OK to treat yourself now and then, right? No, wait, cheat meals only cheat you out of the results you want. But your cravings are a sign that your body needs something. You're lacking important nutrients, and you ... Read the rest

Green Juice vs Smoothies: What’s Better and Why (VIDEO)


I have seen this debated online in about a million different ways... You asked: “What's the difference between green juice and smoothies, and which is better for me?” And I have to admit that I used to be confused about the topic, too. I knew ... Read the rest

Choosing the Perfect Diet (VIDEO)


There's so much confusion surrounding how to choose the perfect diet. What's fact and what's fiction? You asked: “I’ve been doing Raw Till 4 (Freelee the Banana Girl's program) for a while now and I’m curious what issue you have with it. Is it ... Read the rest

The Perfect Morning Routine for Health, Happiness & Success


The year is coming to a rapid end, and I'm so looking forward to the start of a new year… I've been gone for a while, taking a break to enjoy Baby Annabel and prepare all kinds of new content for you. Soon, you'll have brand new meditations, ... Read the rest

He Cured His Anxiety with Green Juice & Yoga – “She Has Four Minutes” Boy Edition (VIDEO)


I met Quentin Vennie at a MindBodyGreen party in NYC a few months ago. I was there with my husband, excited to partake in some networking and free vegan food (at the end of the day, it's all about the free food). I was super excited to see a bunch ... Read the rest

3 Healthy Hot Body Snacks with Tracy Campoli (VIDEO)


The newest installment of my Fit Files for StyleMeFit series is here! I visited health & wellness coach, Tracy Campoli, in her NYC home, and she showed me how to make the 3 easy, healthy, and TASTY "hot body snacks". (Her words, not mine... but we ... Read the rest

Skinny Apricot Raw Dessert – Healthy Recipe by Skinny Sometimes (VIDEO)


If this is the first video in the series that you're catching, make sure you check out the others on my YouTube channel: But I want you to read on and watch today's first - it's especially entertaining... My good friend and ... Read the rest