Compassionate and experienced doula services in New Jersey and the Phildelphia and New York metro areas.

Being of service to new and expecting parents is not only something I feel called to do, but it’s also something I feel I was made to do. Though I wear many hats as a mother, a business owner, and meditation guide, nothing brings me as much bliss as supporting and empowering women to have the birth experiences they desire and deserve.

No matter how you choose to give birth, know that it is absolutely your choice, and you deserve to be honored and supported in your decisions. So, while my extensive experiences as a mommy to my own five children helps me to better serve you as my client, my sole objective is to support your choices.

My role as a Doula and Pregnancy Support Coach is to provide educated and loving support, guidance, and reassurance to you and your birth partner during your pregnancy and birthing time. All of my experience, education, tips, methods, and no-nonsense real world advice will be available to you.

It’s important to know that hiring a doula doesn’t guarantee a specific medical outcome, but knowing that you have a trusted ally by your side can make all the difference emotionally. When you approach childbirth feeling informed, empowered, and supported, your experience and memories will be happier, even if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. That’s what working with me will do for you. I’ll give you the tools to prepare, so the only feelings that remain afterward are satisfaction and accomplishment—never regret.

As your doula, my job is also to create space for your birth partner to provide more intimate and meaningful care for you. I will be in constant service to both of you, so that you never have to be left alone or without the care that you require. It’s my job to remember all the tiny things that you may forget and to help you to focus on your most important job—birthing a healthy, happy baby.

My services include, but are not limited to, a pre-natal home visit to get you prepared for labor at home and in the hospital, phone counseling and pregnancy coaching, birthing time doula services, a post-natal visit, and referrals to my large support community of mind-body wellness experts (hypnotherapists, herbalists, placenta encapsulation specialists, massage therapists, pre-natal yoga and fitness professionals, and more).

My travel area extends to approximately 90 minutes from my Central Jersey location and I’m currently booking clients on a very limited basis. Click here to book your free consultation where you’ll get more details about my services and full list of fees. Because I am dedicated to giving all women positive birth experiences—no matter their financial status—I offer a sliding-scale pricing system. I also dedicate a portion of my coaching and doula practice to free services for teen mothers and low-income families. Please feel encouraged to refer me to a mother in need who would benefit from extra loving support.


MY FAVORITE PREGNANCY & BIRTHING TIME RESOURCE: I used the Hypnobabies Home Study Course, and I recommend it to all my clients. Hypnobabies is a comprehensive, unique, and successful childbirth hypnosis program for creating an easier, more comfortable birth experience. Home study courses, individual MP3 tracks, and Hypno-Doula Training products are available here.