How To Do Headstands & Handstands… even if you’re completely terrified like me!


There are how-to headstand and handstand tutorials all over the internet, but how many feature someone who is completely terrified of actually doing one? Well, you have one of them right here.

I’m actually not-so-terrified of headstands – they’re just slightly panic-inducing. However, even attempting to stand my nearly six feet of body up on my hands makes me feel like my heart is exploding.

Heart EXPLODING. Not an exaggeration.

My new best friend (because she has a beach house at the Jersey Shore), Danielle Diamond – creator of Xen Strength Yoga, forced me to let her teach me handstands… for your benefit. You can thank her, because I’m still a mess over the whole thing.

how to do handstands headstands

Seriously, folks. There’s always a lesson to be found even in the most regular moments. The lesson today? Do something every day that scares you. Smile at a stranger, ask for a raise, sing in public, attempt a handstand on the internet… Just go out and be awesome. I love you!

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