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Skinny Limits raw juices taste amazing, are incredibly convenient, and don’t cost a fortune. Their 3-day raw detox juice cleanse is a win, win, win… with bonus wins on top! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this cleanse to anyone who is serious about detoxing the right way.

When the folks from Skinny Limits reached out to me to review their 3-Day juice cleanse for my Blissed In™ Seal of Approval, I was so excited… mostly because I love juice and I love not having to pay a small fortune to get my hands on some. There was only one issue. How was I supposed to talk about yet another juice cleanse in a way that wouldn’t bore you all to death?

What makes the Skinny Limits’ raw juice different from the rest?

I told the rep from Skinny Limits that I would need more information before agreeing to do a review, and he was eager to fill me in. It turns out that there are a couple significant differences between Skinny Limits and other commercial raw juice cleanses.


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First, there’s the incredible price. For about the same price or LESS than I would spend on a 3-day cleanse from my local cold-pressed juice bar, I could have my Skinny Limits cleanse delivered chilled and fresh, straight to my front door. I compared Skinny Limits’ pricing to some other popular juice cleanses that I’ve promoted on BexLife, and Skinny Limits is definitely the more economical option.

Second, the juice is totally alive. This is actually a point of controversy among raw detox experts, so I’m going to be extra careful about this information. There are much larger and more widely distributed juice cleanses on the market that offer cold-pressed raw juice. Because some of these companies have been purchased by mega food chains, they have been required to put their juice through HPP (high pressure processing) to be able to sit for days upon days on a store shelf – sometimes quadruple the time that a fresh raw juice should be allowed to sit. Some authorities have said that HPP actually destroys the nutrients and enzymes in the juice, reducing the benefits of doing a specifically raw juice cleanse. There has been no documented study that has made these findings.

I talked to some of my friends who are experts in this field and got a few different opinions. What I was left with was the consensus that they agree that the nutritional benefits may be reduced through HPP, but there are also potential safety issues associated with drinking totally raw juice.

That being said, it’s important to note that when you’re picking up fresh raw juice from your local juice bar, that juice has been through zero processing. The fact that juice from the juice bar is fresher and more alive is why I love going to a juice bar over getting pre-made juice from the store. The main reason I buy pre-made juices is for convenience. Skinny Limits marries convenience with totally alive juice for the perfect product.

For more information on the Skinny Limits story and juicing process, CLICK HERE for their official list of FAQs. Please remember to follow Skinny Limits on Facebook and Twitter!

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Brand message: “Skinny Limits provides cold pressed raw juice for people interested in looking and feeling great. The company was founded by avid juicers, Cary and Joanie Frieden, who were looking for a convenient and efficient solution to Juicing; because let’s face it, juicing is hard. It takes hours to prep all the juice and it turns your kitchen into a complete mess. To make matters worse, It’s difficult to find completely natural and raw options. Most juice cleanse companies call themselves raw, when in reality they use a process called HP Processing. This uses no heat, but kills all the living cells inside the juice. Skinny Limits uses no pasteurization and no processing. Our juice is alive.”


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