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Look How Dope My Life Is - 21Day Mantra Meditation Challenge at

Warning: These mantras will bring profound change to your life FAST.

A mantra is a repeated sound, word, or phrase used to focus the mind, remove distracting thoughts, and imprint beneficial ideas and beliefs into the subconscious mind.

In just 21 days, you’ll be able to say, “Look how dope my life is!” and really mean it!

This very special challenge is based on my upcoming book You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life (Hay House 2017).

You’ll notice that the name of this challenge is a pretty bold statement…

What the heck does “look how dope my life is” mean?

These mantras will shift your perspective to see the dopeness of your life as it is NOW.


Bonus: I made a special video on DIY Meditation for Manifesting Your Greatest Desires that you’ll get to watch for free when you sign up for the challenge.


What to expect: Daily emails for 21 days, each with a graphic to post on social media, share with your friends, and most of all – savor for yourself!

Your emails will also include short quotes or excerpts from my book.

I hope you’ll love them so much that you’ll want to read the whole book…
I can’t wait to show it to you!

Your first email will arrive immediately after signing up.

You’ll also get a bonus MP3 and matching video of an exclusive Morning Mantra Meditation that I recorded just for all of you! You can listen to it in the car, during your morning walk or chores, or in the privacy of your own quiet meditation space.

Links for the audio track and video will be in your first mantra email.

Each daily mantra will come as a graphic to share with your friends online. Show them how dope their life could be, too!


If you’re not already a BexLife subscriber, you’ll also receive my weekly Bliss Notes which come with all this (a link to everything will be in your welcome email):

– 7 Day Jumpstart Detox Diet & Workout Plan
– 21 exclusive vegetarian recipes by Skinny Sometimes®
– My favorite smoothie recipes (downloadable recipe graphics)
– Easy meditation tips for beginners
– Flat belly tips (video & printable food combining guide)
– Exclusive videos & meditation tracks
– My entire collection of hand-drawn Bliss Notes
– MORE new bonuses & content added all the time!

Start living your dopest life NOW!


Stay blissed,

Love Notes

“If I had a daughter, Bex would be the first person I’d use as an example of living authentically, and thriving while doing so.”

Danielle Diamond

Founder of Xen Strength Yoga

“Bex’s no nonsense, tell it like it is, just be-who-you-are-unapologetically message gave me permission to deepen my self-acceptance and play.”

Rachel Tenenbaum

“Bex is a real life superhero and shows us how we can do it, too.”

Tara Stiles

Founder of Strala Yoga