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BDAY: July 18
KIDS: Winona + Calvin + Jack + Summer + Annabel
HUSBAND: Justin Borucki –
FARM PETS: Cat, Turtle, Chickens, and Goats

I follow a primarily organic whole foods diet, meaning I eat food that comes without labeling or packaging 90% of the time. I raise my own chickens for eggs and grow my own organic garden three seasons out of the year. My diet is never perfect and gets better as my knowledge bank grows bigger. My best days are when I make a fresh green smoothie in the morning accompanied by whole fruit and two of my backyard chicken eggs. (You can get all my favorite smoothie and vegetarian recipes when you sign up for my newsletter up top.)

I believe that exercise is something that needs to happen every day and working out is something you do to achieve a certain goal. I’m active 7 days a week, whether I’m gardening, lugging laundry up and down stairs, or just running around with the kids. My favorite exercise practices take me outside to the beach or the woods – hiking, playing in the water, or just skipping through sand.

The amount of calories burned during a particular exercise routine depends on the individual performing it and the intensity at which they’re working out. With my 4-Minute Tabata routines and interval workouts, it’s as much about the calories that you’ll continue to burn throughout the day as a result of doing that type of training as it is about the amount of calories burned during the time you’re exercising.

My interval strength routines can be done several times a week. Just be sure to rest an individual muscle group 1-2 days before working it out again. If you workout your upper body one day, do a lower body routine for the next workout.

The most important elements of a good fitness routine are regularly working up a good sweat and having fun every day.

Eat a completely raw diet before noon everyday. You can have fresh fruits & veggies or a green juice or smoothie in the morning, and follow that with clean eating throughout the day. This gives your energy levels and metabolism a boost and allows you to digest anything throughout the day more efficiently. Drink lots of water, take your television, radio, and any other electronics out of your bedroom, sleep 7-8 hours every night, and practice quiet meditation as often as possible (my 4-minute meditations are perfect for a daily practice). Be sure to pick an exercise routine that you can follow 3-5 days a week FOREVER! The biggest mistake people new to fitness make is burning themselves out with an unreasonable and overly intense workout schedule.

I use food-grade diatomaceous earth for pest control, I make my own compost from my yard waste and kitchen scraps, and I combine the compost with my chickens’ poo to use for fertilizer and to amend the soil. I also make worm-generated fertilizer using the Worm Factory 360.

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