Living in a Crazy House? Build Heaven Outside: How to Make a Meditation Space

breaking in my platform with Yulady For the whole story about how my adoring husband rescued me from self-pity and a weekend of pajamas and chick flicks, read my blog about how I ditch the gym when it’s time to get fit FOR REAL. Today’s post is about what came out of that very-wrong-weekend-turned-right. As

Valentine’s Day: Borucki-Style

Instead of buying gifts for Valentine’s Day, we have made a tradition of making hand-made gifts for each other each year. This year, we’re making something together… a shadowbox craft featuring our “future cabin in the woods” and little trinkets representing things we love as a couple. We had a ball picking out cheesy goodies

More Etsy Love

I’m terrible at Xmas shopping. Nary a gift search for a family member or friend is completed without a purchase being made for myself. Add to my list of goodies-for-moi two personalized necklaces from yet another talented Etsy vendor, Tiny Token Designs. One will feature Justin’s and my names and our wedding date, and the

Our Garden

As part of our continuous efforts to further prepare for the unavoidable eventuality of a Mad Max world, Justin and I decided that this year we would enlarge our vegetable garden and try to grow our own food. I already had a somewhat extensively landscaped backyard space before Justin moved in, but we’ve been working