Let Your Heart SHINE: Lindsay’s List Tuesday Trainer

Get tall and long with your inhales. Find space with your exhales. Focus on letting go with ease instead of forcing a stretch. Find the space for your muscles to grow longer and settle into. It’s there. Let your heart shine and your shoulders open with one of my favorite moves for releasing tension in

Crow Pose to Tripod Headstand: Lindsay’s List Tuesday Trainer

Some things about my relationship with the Universe that are true: – If I never try anything new, I’m not growing. – If I don’t accept that today is perfect and the Universe is perfect, then I’ll always be aspiring to attain a made-up idea of perfect. – If I can’t see the beauty in

Partner Yoga: It’s Sexy Time / Tuesday Trainer

We’re going to get down to the business of some couples/partner yoga and how to get flexible & sex-able for Valentine’s Day, but first I want to share a little bit about how much I ADORE this week’s special video guest… Nine reasons that my husband rocks so hard (I couldn’t list the full million,

Lindsay’s List Tuesday Trainer AKA My Messy House Update

The good news: My Xmas tree is finally down (as of Monday afternoon) and I’m participating in another Tuesday Trainer blog from LindsaysList.co! The bad news: We started seriously packing for the move, and my house is a WRECK! Whatever. Let’s forget about our troubles and do some squats. For this week’s full Tuesday Trainer

Bex Life + Lindsay’s List = Video Of My Messy Dining Room?

For my first-ever collaboration with a fellow blogger (I’ve only done vlogger collabs up until now), I decided that I would make a tell-all video about my favorite upper body combo for the super-popular Lindsay over at LindsaysList.co. The tell-all part isn’t the combo exercise; it’s the reveal that on the other side of the