What’s in My Gym Bag – My Calm, Cool, and Connected Fitness Beauty Favorites


You know I'm all about keeping it real and REAL personal, and this post isn't going to be any different. I'm finally back on the workout wagon - getting in short runs on the treadmill and outside with Mr. Borucki, fitting in squats in the laundry ... Read the rest

Enlightenment 101: Is Having High Self-Worth Worthless?


I've been thinking about the words "worth" and "value" as they relate to the self and self-esteem... When I sold real estate, there was a common saying that "worth is determined by how much the buyer will pay and what the seller will accept." The ... Read the rest

21-Day Plank Challenge #plankwithbex on Instagram


It's time for another #plankwithbex plank challenge!! By the end of the 21-day challenge, you will have increased your personal planking time by at least one minute and forty-five seconds... that's insane!! But I know you can do it! Watch ... Read the rest

How To Do Headstands & Handstands… even if you’re completely terrified like me!


There are how-to headstand and handstand tutorials all over the internet, but how many feature someone who is completely terrified of actually doing one? Well, you have one of them right here. I'm actually not-so-terrified of headstands - they're ... Read the rest

My Secret: I’m Sick. Now What? – Help for Lyme Disease with Key Lyme Pie’s Rachel Cipriano


"I am in perfect health." That's an affirmation I say to myself every single day as part of my regular mantra meditation. (If you want to hear an audio recording, I'm offering it to Bliss Notes subscribers this week and placing it in the secret ... Read the rest

How to Do Yoga Poses – Down Dog, Chaturanga, Crow Pose, Forward Fold, Tree Pose with Danielle Diamond, Creator of Xen Strength Yoga


Are you avoiding taking your first yoga class because you're afraid of looking like you're doing everything wrong? Have you been taking classes for a while, but want to check yo'self before you wreck yo'self? After my Strong & Slim by ... Read the rest

ULTIMATE Butt & Thigh 100-Rep Workout!


My friend, Laurel Attanasio, is BACK to help us with the ultimate trouble-spot... the BUTT-THIGH! You know what I'm talking about. That's the spot right under our behinds where our butts and thighs meet. Why is that spot so annoying?! We're ... Read the rest

Yoga for Weight Loss & Toning Up – Strong & Slim by Summer Yoga Series Part 7 #deltabliss #blissedin Presented by Delta Labs

wheel pose bexlife yulady saluti

Stronger arms, leaner legs, tanks tops, short shorts, bikinis... HERE WE COME!! You asked for a full yoga class, and here it is. CLICK HERE to get your entire strong, slim summer yoga series presented by Delta Labs!! The beautiful, strong, ... Read the rest