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My teaching is guided by decades of a practice in self-healing…

Whether you want to lead others toward the life of their dreams or step into a profoundly rewarding guruship of self, I have offerings in every price range to support you. My group programs and private coaching options provide the highest level of support and expert guidance, and my digital products allow you to access my teachings in bite-size lessons that are easy to integrate into your everyday life. (You know how much I love simple tools — my 4-minute meditations saved my life!)

My Blocked 2 Blissed™ series of signature group programs (learn more here) and my 1:1 Blissed Life™ coaching sessions are based on a combination of practices. One is a method I created to heal myself from childhood trauma, severe anxiety, and deep depression. And the other is a well-known approach I’ve studied and followed for years—the Handel Method™. I also share my unique approach to healing and living well in my book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life.

My Blocked 2 Blissed™ programs and 1:1 Blissed Life™ coaching are offered on a very limited basis, so you’ll want to be on my mailing list for the latest updates. Ready to get started? Click on the button below to schedule a call with me to talk about your unique needs.



Or dip your toe in the water with one of my digital programs…

My latest digital workshop, Managing the Motherload: A Powerful Practice for Overcoming Overwhelm, is an effective yet simple tool for letting go of worry and creating space for EVERYTHING on your to-do list (even the good stuff that’s not on your list YET). You’ll learn how to apply the wisdom of nature to everyday tasks and to-do lists, eliminating worry, stress, and indecision for GOOD!


The 21-Day Soul Cleanse is the just the thing you need to clean up ALL the clutter in your life — both in your head and under your bed. This “cleanse” is a step-by-step guided program, with an accompanying 57-page full-color interactive PDF workbook, that will lead you through 21 days of self-care activities — the same simple systems I use to keep me at the top of my game while running a big family and a business. You’ll be guided through a detox for everything from toxic thoughts to your overcrowded closet. No area of your life will be left untouched by this cleanse!

You’ll also get additional tips, resources, and book recommendations — all from my personal self-care practice. And you can take the program on the road with three exclusive audio meditations to download and listen to anywhere.

And that’s not all! Because peace in the mind requires peace in the body, I called on my good friend and talented holistic health coach Kasey J. Smith to develop the 7-Day Soul Cleanse Diet that will kickoff your transition to a cleaner, kinder, and more conscious way of eating. You’ll get delicious gluten-free vegetarian recipes, a snacking guide, and a shopping list to help you prepare.


Options can be overwhelming, and you might have questions about what you’ve just read. I’m here to help. Schedule a call to discuss VIP life-coaching or my group programs by completing the form below and following the instructions in your followup email.


I also host live in-person events in and around the NYC and Philadelphia metro areas as well as in my private studio and community learning space, the Blissed In{n} in New Egypt, NJ. More information on my live events can be found on my events page here.

About the Blissed In{n}: What started out as a dream to build a “lady church”, this private studio and community learning space, located on Rebekah Borucki’s New Jersey homestead, is home to intimate events hosted by Rebekah and other spiritual teachers. Visit the Blissed In{n} and fulfill your purpose to love, be loved, learn, and teach. Together, we can build a new, more connected world.


Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of and the Blissed In® wellness movement, is a mother-of-five, TV host, yoga and meditation guide, author, speaker, birth doula, and popular social media personality. Her first book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life (Hay House 2017), is available now, wherever books are sold. Read more about Rebekah here.

“I have admired Rebekah’s realness from the moment I met her. This woman shows up for her kids, her husband, and her business every single day with authenticity and joy.”

Elizabeth DiAlto

Creator of Wild Soul Movement, Author of Untame Yourself

“Rebekah’s ability to get vulnerable and honest is not only inspiring, it makes me want to get messy too. She’s constantly reminding us to dream and dream big, but it’s the ability to get raw that will get us there.”

Lora Krulak

Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Mindfulness Guide

“I am a big fan of Rebekah’s work. She does everything with a sense of playfulness and authenticity that’s contagious.”

Patricia Moreno

Founder of SatiLife and the intenSati Method