The BexLife 21-Day Soul Cleanse: My Signature Whole-Life Digital Detox Program is Available to You Now!

Finally! A fun, EASY, and practical approach that will help you create more peace and calm in your daily life — anywhere, anytime (no matter how chaotic it is!).

Let’s check in with ourselves right now. I want you to think about these questions…

Are you trying to get three things done at once?
When is the last time you took a deep breath?
Do you feel selfish about self-care?
Are your shoulders tense?
What does your inner monologue sound like—patient and loving or negative and bullying?

If the answers to these questions leave you feeling uneasy, you’re not alone. Being stressed out, overwhelmed and busy all the time has become the new normal.

I want to help you find the sweet spot between going on a cruise and going on crazy overdrive at work and at home. Because if you want to enjoy the life you’ve been given and you want to experience long-term wellness, something’s gotta give. That’s where my 21-Day Soul Cleanse comes in.

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In just 21 days, I’ll guide you to be able to…

  • Create habits and master strategies that boost your mental clarity and reduce stress, which you can use again and again for years to come.
  • Seal up energy leaks you didn’t even know were dragging you down in your daily life.
  • Find calm in the chaos wherever you are.
  • Feel more positive and clear-headed.
  • Regain confidence in yourself—physically and mentally.

Don’t Miss Out on Creating a Calmer, Happier Life — Start Today!

Here’s what you’ll have access to with the 21-Day Self-Guided Soul Cleanse ($29):

  • A gorgeous 57-page guide to hold your hand every step of the way
  • Three exclusive short and centering meditations (audio)
  • An energizing yoga workout (video)
  • A 7-day meal plan with 15+ delicious, vegetarian recipes (with gluten-free options!) created by my friend and trusted health coach Kasey J. Smith
  • Recommendations for my favorite healing resources, the tools I use every day
  • Plus daily emails to keep you motivated and on track

It’s easy to find peace among the chaos — I promise.

The 21-Day Soul Cleanse lays out a simple and manageable path to cleaning up ALL the clutter in your life—in your head and under your bed. Detox everything from negative thoughts to your overcrowded closet.

The stuff, the complicated relationships, and the deadlines at work aren’t going to disappear tomorrow. So we’ve gotta figure out how to exist within the holy mess if we’re going to find true happiness. I know you can do this. So why wait?

Love for the 21-Day Soul Cleanse

“Your 21-Day Soul Cleanse was just what I needed! The practical exercises, tips, and resources are beautifully and thoughtfully designed. I’m sure this will guide anyone to reach into all the areas of their life and clean out the junk that’s weighing them down. Powerful and purposeful—thank you!”

“I just did the forgiveness activity from Day 9 for a few deep hurts/frustrations, and it led to some tears. It was good, though, because I finally acknowledged them instead of pretending my own actions weren’t bothering or harming me. I haven’t been actively taking responsibility for my contributions to my problems for fear of feeling or looking like a failure… The suggestion to provide ourselves with affirmation statements helped take away that anxious garbage. Thanks so much for creating this, Bex!”

This is your chance to finally create the space you’ve been craving—in your home and your head. All you have to do to begin your 21-day experience is click that button below! Think of this as a self-care commitment that you can finally keep. A gift of peace, calm, and SANITY that you so greatly deserve.

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Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of and the Blissed In® wellness movement, is a mother-of-five, TV host, yoga and meditation guide, author, speaker, birth doula, and popular social media personality. Her first book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life (Hay House 2017), is available now, wherever books are sold. Read more about Rebekah here.

Love Notes

“I am a big fan of Rebekah’s work. She does everything with a sense of playfulness and authenticity that’s contagious.”

Patricia Moreno

Founder of SatiLife and the intenSati Method

“When I first met Rebekah at a Hay House conference in February 2013, I instantly connected with her warmth, authenticity, and positive attitude. Basically, I loved her from day one.”

Kris Carr

New York Times Bestselling Author, Crazy Sexy Cancer Thriver

“Bex teaches us how to embrace our past, to accept and love ourselves, and to create our future with zest, zen, and laughter.”

Melissa Kathryn

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