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I’m In Love With…

Shobha rosewater freshening cloths! I’ve been using these swoon-worthy scented wipes almost daily since I was introduced to them while teaching at Strala Yoga in NYC. They are perfect for after waxing/sugaring/workout/yoga class/sweaty activity. I keep them in my bag at all times, because yes, I can get stinky during a good sweat sesh.

I was almost all out when I found a little box on my front porch with *surprise* a new container of cloths inside! My wonderful contact at Shobha sent me a little thank you for my sugaring kit review video. (unrelated sidenote: how amazing is their stationary?!)

You guys are always asking what my favorite things are, so I’m just sharing the love (if you come to yoga class with me, I’ll also share my cloths, too)…

You can pick up your own container of freshening cloths at MyShobha.com (I love the 50-count container, but they come in smaller packs, too). Find them on twitter @myshobha, and tell them that “Bex sent me” (maybe we can convince them to sponsor a Bex Life giveaway *wink, wink*… yeah, go tell them to do that right now!)


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