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Let’s Be Friends Friday: Easy Workout Challenge & Big Bexy Discounts!

I’m keeping it super short this Friday, because I have SO MUCH TO DO!! But this is important, so make sure you watch!

I’m giving a HUGE discount on all apparel in the BexLife.com shop, and I’m issuing a super-easy pre-New Year’s challenge to get you ready for whatever super-challenging workout goal that I’m sure you’re all gearing up for… I have faith in my super sexy peeps to go big in 2012!!

So hurry up and WATCH, DO, and even MAKE a response video if you feel so inclined (I swoon over response videos). Come back on Wednesday for the next workout in my series with my new trainer, Daryl, and stay-tuned after Xmas for a new recipe series with Mike, my favorite natural foods chef.

Watch the full BexLifeTV playlist on YouTube

PS – I’m also planning on lots of new blogs like the one below, so make sure you comment with what you’d like to read/hear/watch in the New Year. I love your feedback! xoxo

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