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You’ve been doing self-help work for a while, and though you’ve experienced lots of big and small wins along your journey, nothing has felt truly transformational. You crave a shift that feels permanent. You want a practice that feels like something you can do forever and with ease. But why hasn’t that been possible for you before?

Compassionate accountability is what sets this program apart from so many others. It’s what will get you the results you’ve been craving for years — guaranteed. I say that with confidence because the participants in this program exceed my wildest dreams every time.


No matter how stuck, lost, isolated, or frustrated you feel, you can and will find transformation and support in this method. How? My team and I provide loving, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and continuous support from the day our session opens through our last day together.

At the same time, you’re receiving my signature Blocked 2 Blissed group coaching and mentoring experience. Over the course of 8 weeks and 6 intense weekly group sessions, you’ll complete groundbreaking exercises designed to shift your mindset from worry, fear, grief, crisis and motivational paralysis to total freedom. By the end of the program, you’ll be waving goodbye to everything that’s been holding you back.


If your answer is yes to the following statements, Blocked 2 Blissed is for you:

  • You’re fully committed to shedding old stories and ready to step out of your comfort zone to make it happen.
  • You want to be a part of a community of women that supports, challenges (in a good way!), and truly understands you.
  • You’re ready to embrace the process. You don’t want to feel stuck anymore; you want to feel free, expansive and empowered.
  • You’re done with surface-level “tips and tricks” — you want to go deep.
  • You’ve felt left out or unseen by other self-help and coaching systems that just weren’t made for you.


Blocked 2 Blissed combines my self-healing systems that have been used successfully by thousands of people all over the world, and that are featured in my bestselling book You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life, with a revolutionary coaching process co-created by my personal mentor, Lauren Zander.


  • You’ll learn how to create personalized solutions to the struggles in every area of your life — body image, physical health, family, intimate relationships, career, money, spirituality, community.
  • You’ll receive unlimited lifetime access to the exclusive Handel Method™ interactive online course curriculum ($650 value), live instruction through weekly group calls led by me and members of my experienced Integrity Management Team, membership to a private program Facebook community, and one-on-one “hot seat” coaching opportunities on each call. Group accountability will ensure that you’ll finally follow through with your intentions.
  • Homework assignments to deepen your learning in between the live calls. These allow me to support you privately in your personal work and give you an opportunity to share more meaningfully with the group. Each session of the program is intense, but the results are immediate, profound, and life-changing.


The Blocked 2 Blissed group will stay open (and private) after the end date, so you can maintain the connections you’ve made. And to support you in your future success, I allow participants of the program to join all future rounds for no additional cost.


➤ The 8 week / 12 module group program
➤ Unlimited lifetime access to the exclusive Handel Method InnerU™ online course curriculum ($650 value)
➤ 6 weekly group calls, hosted live on video and led by me
➤ Our private program Facebook group
➤ An accountability partner (your Bliss Buddy™
) to work with during the program
➤ Hot seat one-on-one coaching opportunities on every call (everyone is guaranteed at least one hot seat over the course of the program)


Expect your application to be reviewed within 48 hours. Welcome materials, including payment instructions and installment options, will be emailed to you upon acceptance to the program. Be sure to provide the correct email when applying. That’s how my team will get in touch with you!



From Erica:   “I owe my confidence and new peacefulness to the Blocked 2 Bliss program. The love and support shown by our group has been tremendous. The changes I have experienced will last a lifetime and there is no going back to who I was before. Thank you so much to Rebekah Borucki and my class of Blocked 2 Blissed for all that we have experienced together and for allowing me to find my inner badass!”

From Stephanie S:   “Blocked 2 Blissed is a kind of eye-opening experience that once you see, you simply can’t unsee. This program reveals your true beautiful self—flaws and all—whose truth and light deserves to be shown. Blocked 2 Blissed brought a level of intimacy and accountability that I needed to be a force for positive change in my life. It wasn’t easy, but it was and is most certainly worth it.”

From Samantha:   “Blocked 2 Blissed was a life-changer. I learned how to speak my truth instead of hurting myself with constant “little white lies.” My drive and motivation are now through the roof, and I now maintain the highest levels of personal integrity at all times. My relationships have improved 100% and I am so much freer, calmer, and more open than ever before! During Blocked 2 Blissed, I made lifelong friends, women I will always be able to count on when I need them most. This experience has been amazing, and I’m so glad I took the time to care for myself and complete the program.”

From Codie:   “For 25+ years I have tried to heal myself with therapy, self-help books, life-coaching videos on YouTube, and Facebook support groups. I was so stuck! I knew I couldn’t do it on my own but I was so afraid to join Blocked 2 Blissed. I will forever be grateful to Bex for reaching out to me and talking to me about my fears. This program is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I am a totally different person in all the right ways. I use what I learned every day. I am a much happier person today than I have been in my entire adult life. I believe in myself in ways I could not have before this program. Blocked 2 Blissed is life changing!”

From Afnaan:   “I opened up so many emails about Blocked to Blissed and just couldn’t imagine having the breakthroughs that the testimonials and Rebekah boasted. Something kept nagging me to just try. I trust Rebekah and my friend Steph, who had done the program in the first couple rounds, and saw the changes they made in their lives with my own eyes. I decided I had very little to lose compared to what I could possibly gain, even if my transformation were to be a fraction of theirs. Well, I started the program not being able to pinpoint what I needed to address, and by the end of it, I felt like I’d let go, opened up, and could see this year, and the rest of my life, going in a different direction. You need to give yourself this gift of dedicated time to focus on you and to connect with others on a similar path.”

From Linda:   “The 21-Day Blocked 2 Bliss Journaling Experience gave me more insight to where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’d like to be going. Writing out experiences brought forth many emotions and in doing so, released the ones that are no longer serving me. Anything that was pent up came out. It also made me think deeper about my experiences. The community is very supportive, and I noticed more people who originally signed up start to post their journaling assignments as time went on. They knew this was a safe place to be.”

From Stephanie M:   “Working through the Blocked 2 Blissed program with Rebekah has been a game-changer for me. It helped me release shame and guilt that I’ve been carrying around for years. By releasing all that negativity, I’ve made room for more confidence and courage. I’m over having a life that’s good enough, and I’m taking the steps necessary to create a life I love.”

From Lisa:   “Being on the fence about joining this program is the sign that you NEED to join this program. Something in you is telling you that there are things you need to unpack and deal with, and THIS program will help you do just that.”


Each one of these women is waiting to support you in the next round of Blocked 2 Blissed. Let their experience guide you through one of the most exciting and transformative experiences of your life. You couldn’t be in better hands!


HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE?   Personal transformation is big work, but it doesn’t have to take over your whole life. However, the time we’re working together is very important. I ask that you complete homework assignments on time and that you dedicate at least 1-2 hours to each assignment. The only other time commitment beyond that is 1 hour to participate in or watch the weekly group meeting. You’re encouraged to engage in the Blocked 2 Blissed private Facebook group, but it isn’t a requirement for the program. After our time together is over, the group will remain open. Most of our graduates remain very engaged in the private Facebook groups, and you’re welcome to stick around and continue to grow with us, too!

WHEN DO THE LIVE CALLS TAKE PLACE?   The live weekly calls are held on Sunday evenings at 7 PM ET and last about 1 hour. All calls will be recorded and made available to the group for replay within 24 hours.

CAN PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES PARTICIPATE?   Of course! We have many happy international graduates. Please be aware that European participants might have to participate in calls in the middle of the night or by watching the replay. But don’t think you’ll never get to connect with me. I’ll occasionally go into our group live to say hello and check in, and I’ll always announce the time at least 24 hours in advance. Our Australian members enjoy the live group calls in the morning (their time).

DO I HAVE TO BE ON FACEBOOK TO PARTICIPATE?   The Facebook group is an important part of the program. It allows us to keep in touch between calls and expand on homework themes. Participants form strong bonds and offer support to each other. If you don’t want to have a personal Facebook account, we encourage you to set up an “alias” account to use just for the program. We’ve had many members choose this option with great success.

ARE PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE?   Details for an installment plan will be made available to accepted applicants. Please apply using the button below.

DON’T SEE YOUR QUESTION LISTED HERE? Click here to email our team. All questions will be answered promptly during normal business hours (Monday — Friday, 9 AM — 5 PM ET)


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PRIVATE COACHING REFUND POLICY: Group and private coaching reservations are non-refundable but are transferrable to another session or participant. All private coaching appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of appointment time to be eligible for a makeup session. Rebekah Borucki reserves to right to cancel an appointment or registration for any reason and refund the full amount paid by the client. Registrations cancelled by Rebekah Borucki because of a breach of agreement (as outlined in the coaching application) will not be refunded.

More Praise for Blocked 2 Blissed

“The way I look at myself has changed dramatically. I see someone with something to say, with something worth hearing, and I’m not shy about that now. I shine in the world.”

Shayna L.

“Working with Rebekah has transformed the way I view my life and my role in it. I’ve learned that we all hold both huge responsibility and deep power, and all we have to do to access it is to start telling the truth. The Blocked 2 Blissed™ program has been a gut-wrenching, eye-opening, exhilarating ride that has impacted every area of my life. Thank you, Bex!”

Stephanie O.

“Blocked 2 Blissed™ allowed me to speak my truth to myself and the world. This program literally changed the most important aspects of my life. Thank you, Bex, for helping me dig through all the layers and find that person I knew was hiding in there all along. I will be forever grateful!”

Marjorie H.