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‘Blissed In’ Mantra Bracelets – 2015/2016 Limited Edition


After an amazing yoga practice session, workout, or 4-minute meditation, I'm feeling better about myself than at any other time of the day. “Blissed In” describes the state I'm in exactly – feeling excited, euphoric, connected, and completely happy in body and spirit.

Let the BLISSED IN™ bracelet be a symbol of everyday bliss for you!

Three hundred limited edition bracelets from previous runs sold out quickly, and so many women and children were helped with the proceeds. These tiny bracelets made huge change!

This new run of only two hundred bracelets are available exclusively on BEXLIFE.com, and $5 from the sale of every bracelet will directly benefit organizations that support victims of domestic violence.

That's 50% of the profits going directly to help families in crisis!

Hurry up and pre-order your bracelets today!
They will sell-out, so don't delay…
Get more than one, and give a thoughtful gift!

Every authentic sterling silver and hand-braided cotton BLISSED IN™ bracelet is lovingly crafted by an independent Etsy artist and features the trademark BLISSED IN™ message on the front. Only 50 of each style will be made and will never be reproduced.

Each mantra choice was matched to a specific color cotton band in collaboration with Amy Kate, a certified color therapist, and I'm in love with the results!

BexLife - Blissed In Mantra Bracelet - Rebekah Borucki

The FIRE bracelet in true red features the message “I am.” on the inside of the silver plate. This is meant to inspire the wearer to feel limitless and completely worthy of all the bounty of the universe. It's a quiet reminder that all you ever have to be is you – no labels necessary. Wear the “I am.” bracelet and let your passion set the world on fire!

Your chosen mantra message: I am. — Flipside: blissed in

The SUN bracelet in vibrant yellow speaks directly to the heart of the self-doubter. “I honor myself.” is a message to repeat before any hard decision, any big undertaking, any moment where you may feel in doubt of your greater purpose. When you honor yourself, all decisions become easy and worthy of you.

Your chosen mantra message: I honor myself. — Flipside: blissed in

The GURU bracelet in grass green reminds you that no matter where you are on your journey, you are always your best guru. You carry all the wisdom of the Universe inside – you only need to remove the layers of doubt to reveal a timeless wisdom.

Your chosen mantra message: guru. — Flipside: blissed in

And finally, the bracelet that bears the sweet reminder that no matter who you are, where you're from, what you've done, or what's been done to you, you are deeply and ecstatically loved, as-is. The “loved as is” bracelet features a deep purple cotton braid (the color of support for victims of domestic violence). Wear it to remind yourself that you were created with divine intention and that you are fully loved by your creator… or give it to someone who needs to hear that message.

Your chosen mantra message: loved as is. — Flipside: blissed in

Thank you for your inspiring support of the Blissed In™ movement and victims and survivors of domestic violence around the world. To see pictures of people in their Blissed In bracelets and apparel, click here to follow the #blissedin hashtag on instagram.

Stay blissed in! xx


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