3 Things To Do (And Not Do) When You’re Too Afraid To Call The Doctor

I found a painful lump under my right arm last week, so I did what any responsible, intelligent, mother-of-four who is in the business of teaching self-care would do. I ignored it. My business is one of self-love. Fitness, yoga, meditation, clean eating – my daily practice not only includes honoring myself with healthy action,

October Breast Cancer Awareness Instagram Photo Challenge #ihonormyself

Your new challenge is here! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and my continued love for all of you, I’ve teamed up with Delta Labs to bring you our #ihonormyself Instagram challenge. I want you to make it your goal every day of the year – not just during October – to

The Truth About Figure Competitions & Metabolic Damage with Danny J – The Sweaty Betties (VIDEO)

Danny J – former figure competitor and founder of The Sweaty Betties In what I can only describe as a pang of sadness and confusion, I’ve been having a very strong reaction to all the instagram and other social media posts about my friends who have recently decided to enter the world of figure competitions.

My Secret: I’m Sick. Now What? – Help for Lyme Disease with Key Lyme Pie’s Rachel Cipriano

“I am in perfect health.” That’s an affirmation I say to myself every single day as part of my regular mantra meditation. (If you want to hear an audio recording, I’m offering it to Bliss Notes subscribers this week and placing it in the secret archive forever!) Another fun fact is that I’m living with

Why I’m Not Vegan with Alexandra Jamieson – Super Size Me & The Great American Detox Diet

Along with diet choices comes diet culture. In any culture, you have the leaders, the devotees, and the RULES. Alex Jamieson was one of the leaders in the modern vegan movement, admired by countless fans and respected by her peers. Then something big happened… She came out of the closet. In February 2013, Alex announced

How to Detox & Raw Food Diet Questions Answered: Yummy Monday Video Q & A #8 – 10

Week 3 of your Yummy Mondays Detox & Raw Food Q&A series is here!! What’s the worst food ever? The best diet book? Why are we so fat and unhealthy? And how are we going to fix it? And – OMG – does sugar cause CANCER?! Yep, I hear that one all the time. I get

How to Detox & Raw Food Diet Questions Answered: Yummy Monday Video Q & A #5 – 7

Let’s face it, most diet trends are absolute crap. It’s rare that any diet that has gained popularity is actually good for us. The raw food diet, complete with the green juicing movement is one huge exception to the “diets are garbage” rule. It’s healthy, sustainable, and unbelievably simple. Not only does raw food nourish