Holiday FAT BLAST – 5 Minute Cardio Meltdown by Brad Gouthro: The Cure For Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, and the entire country is getting ready to stuff their faces with goodies like turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, STUFFING, green bean casserole, GRAVY… I had to loosen my drawstring sweats just thinking about it. (check out MY Thanksgiving workout from last year) CLICK HERE if

MEET ME IN NYC … and let me dress you up in MPG!! @mpgtweet

If you haven’t seen my special “Facebook & Twitter Followers Exclusive Giveaway” video, then you better head over to my Facebook page – – and check it out now! CLICK HERE to watch the video (you have to like my page to watch) You can enter for a chance to take a yoga class

How To Make Grapes Safe For Toddlers In Seconds

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My Secret Magic Underwear – WIN MY SPANX! @SpanxINC

I didn’t think that I was keeping my love for Spanx Active a secret until so many people were making comments about what was peeking out from under my clothes in my workout videos. Here’s the deal – after carrying four little humans around in my body for what adds up to over three years

‘BOOTY POW’ BUTT WORKOUT & theSimplyBar Giveaway: Work It Out Wednesday

Instagram is fast becoming my favorite place for inspiration and sharing (find me @bexlife!!). I know that most people come to my site for health & fitness tips, but I can’t help but photograph almost everything that’s going around me. I’m sure it’s all a little TMI, but WHATEVER! You can’t stop me from over-sharing!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow… Neon Nikes! #FashionablyFit

When I was growing up – without the internet, without cable television – I only had one chance each year to see The Wizard of Oz on television, and it was a BIG event. To this day, I love everything about that movie (but I’m still a little scared of the flying monkeys… total creepytown.)

OMG, Adrienne Bailon Is Working Out With Me! #FashionablyFit

Even though you are ALL superstars to me, I’m pretty excited to have a bonafide celebrity in one of my classes. Do you think my brand new core workout will turn her into a BexLifer? I hope so!! If you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, you HAVE to come out and see me at