Anorexia Recovery and Discovering Body Peace with Heather Waxman (VIDEO)


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How I’m Planning to Be Active for Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2015


This happens to me every single year. I write a list of a bunch of resolutions that require me to only do more of what I love (and what I'm already doing), and I avoid making any promises that take me out of my regular routine. After all, why … [Read more...]

Sugar, Supplements, and Green Juice: Fact and Fiction with Everyday Detox (VIDEO)


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Hot Bodies, Business, and Tea with Erin Stutland – “She Has Four Minutes” (VIDEO)


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Self-Care for When Life is Falling Apart – “She Has Four Minutes” Special Boy Edition! (VIDEO)


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Do You Really Need Cleanses & Supplements? with Dr. Frank Lipman (VIDEO)


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How to Heal Yourself In Just Minutes a Day with Best-Selling Author, Jessica Ortner – “She Has Four Minutes” (VIDEO)


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Birth Control Pill Problems, PMS, and Disease with Alisa Vitti – Author of Woman Code (VIDEO)


Before we get started, a Mother's Day message for all my ladies: Some of us give birth to children, some to ideas, some to movements, some to businesses. Some of us care for humans, some for animals, some for a garden. The Universe chooses to teach … [Read more...]