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Let’s Be Friends Friday: Oh Baby, I Like It Raw

Life getting too easy? Well, I have a challenge for you! Check it out…

Watch the full BexLifeTV playlist on YouTube

Linky-links for my good friends:
Marlena on Facebook
GetFitGamer on YouTube

Back in the day, Marlena and I put together an ebook designed to give you a jump on starting a workout routine and transitioning to a raw diet… you’ll get exclusive workout videos, a 7-day meal plan, grocery lists, food-combining rules, and more. It’s nowhere near as comprehensive as her complete program, but it’s great if you’re on a tight budget. Check out our 7-Day Jumpstart in my shop.

Remember to hit me up at genghisgirl@hotmail.com if you’re interested in Marlena’s 20% discount offer, and comment below on how you’re making out with the your own raw escapades. You can also check in on my Facebook page and via Twitter @GirlRucki (I check Facebook and Twitter no less than 17 million times a day, so it’s always the best way to share). xoxo

PS – Thank you to Chris for being such a great sport and a super inspirational guru in my life. When I was brand new to YouTube, he was my biggest cheerleader and supporter. He. Is. Awesome. And he totally knows what he’s talking about… he lost a ton of weight through healthy methods and has been keeping it off for*like*ever.