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Work It Out Wednesday: Hip O-O-Openers!

So I showed you guys how I got into a tricky hand balance pose on Sunday, and you were all like “ouch” and “my hips won’t do that” and “I fell over”. Oh my gosh, please don’t fall over! If I could, I would show up at your door and give you a private lesson (and catch you when you fall), but that’s just not possible with all these kids and chickens that need my attention. I can, however, show you how to get your hips nice and open and feelin’ good, so you won’t say “ouch” every time you see someone in pigeon pose.

Today is a little departure from the normal Work It Out Wednesday. I usually give you a workout, but it’s also important to know how to get your body warm. This happy little collection of yoga postures, stretches, and feel-good moves will have your hips opening like leftover bags of Halloween candy (j/k – none of us eat Halloween candy, for sure).

Check it out, do what you can and stop when you can’t. Always, always, always be kind to your body and recognize your edge. And after you’re done, let me know how it went! xo

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Here’s some more fun openers for you to try… Yay for stick figures!