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Let’s Be Friends Friday: The Official Bexy Bra Report

The LAST thing I felt like doing this week was putting on a sports bra and getting in front of a camera, but after two “What’s your favorite sports bra?” review requests, two days in a row (add those to the 25 or so that I’ve gotten over time) and a super-motivating pep talk from Kelly Olexa, CEO of FitFluential, I decided to suck it up and make the best review video I could for my sexy peeps! Finding the right sports bra is a super serious (and sometimes difficult) task for a lot of us, so I couldn’t give you any less than my all… I wore a bra on video, people!

When you ask, you get…

I dug out every single sports bra I could find hidden among my massive spandex collection (with the exception of my favorite bra that I suspect may be hiding in a stinky gym bag somewhere), and narrowed my favorites down according to brand, durability, and price bracket. I also snuck in a little mini-review of my favorite workout gear to wear in extreme temperatures.

Boobies/breasts/whatever (just never ever call them chesticles like one of my viewers did the other day) are ultra-precious, so I want to hear what you wear to keep yours safe, happy, dry, and in one place during your workouts. I’m always looking for a little extra support!

PS – the socks-as-arm-warmers is not a fashion statement… I’m just hiding my battle scars from my Jungle Gym Workout ;)