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Work It Out Wednesday: My Favorite Tee YUMMY Abs Workout

It’s a new year and I’m about to start my 21-Day Working Out Sucks Challenge to whip myself (and YOU) back into shape, so I thought it might be nice for me to take it down a notch for this week’s workout with a slow – but strong – abs workout.

I threw on my favorite ripped-up tee and my comfiest worn-in lululemon leggings to give you a real-time abs workout to do alone or with your regular strength training or cardio routine.

Follow along with me for the first round, and then repeat the entire round 1-2 times for your complete core workout. I love your comments and requests, so let me know how it went and tell me what you want to see in next week’s workout video! xo

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On my body: my favorite worn-out tee from Target
lululemon yoga leggings
Workout gear: Jade yoga mat w/ my oGorgeous mat bag

PS – I always feel so sexy & scrumptious in my old, worn-out workout clothes.. what’s your favorite piece of gear to workout in?