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Yummy Monday: Q&A – Colonics, Sexy Vegan Crushes & LOST

This is going to be a regular thing, these Q&A videos. I get asked the same questions so often, so I thought it would be easier to just answer them on video for you all. And oh yeah, there are a lot of Mike Perrine fans out there, too, so I’m doing a Q&A with him for this week’s installment of my Yummy Mondays.

Aside from all the laughing (I tried to edit most of it out, I swear!), we actually got down to the business of answering your questions about colonics, prenatal nutrition, our sexy vegan crushes and more… you’ll have to watch to see the ridiculous path we wandered off on.

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Mentioned in the video…
Innate Response Prenatal Vitamins
Sun Warrior Protein Powder
our Almond Butter “Date Night” recipe video

I’d like to do some live sessions like these, so let me know if you’d be down for something like that. However, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to hold in all the giggles… or the random ridiculousness.

PS – If you happen to know Woody Harrelson, I wouldn’t be mad if you showed this video to him.
PPS – Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband, Justin Borucki (yeah, I was just kidding about Woody Harrelson – I gotta man!). Remember all those obnoxious daily blogs when I was planning our wedding? No? Then here’s a recap in a feature about our Hillbilly Chic nuptials on Offbeat Bride.