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Perfect 10 Blog: 9 Awesome Things + 1 Giveaway

I never ever script my vlogs, but I had SO MUCH stuff to talk about this week that I had to write it down. I still managed to forget one thing (that I came up with in the shower), but I’ll save that for next week. It’s a fun one. I’m also totally guilty of not prepping enough for my vlogs… like, for instance, wearing makeup or real clothes. This week, I jumped out of the shower, threw my hair in a bun, and hijacked my husband’s office for a quick Photobooth session on his iMac. I’m one fitness YouTuber who does NOT do full hair & makeup before a video… who has that kind of time?!

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On my body: Sweaty Betties logo crop top
On my head: Sweaty Bands non-slip wide headband

Here’s my totally lazy-pants run-down of the nine points I outlined in the video (in case you didn’t catch it all from my 100 MPH information bomb I dropped).

1. VOTE FOR ME!! I know it’s shameless, but I need you. You all know how much love and time I put into BexLife.com and that I’d do anything for you. May I please have your support by clicking here and voting for BexLife.com on FitnessMagazine.com?? Don’t forget to vote for Cassey (Blogilates.com), too!

2. I learned that PR means personal record for runners. Ha! I’m such a noob.

3. I’m posting my Testimonial of the Week! Send me yours and I may read it in one of my videos!!

Here’s the full testimonial from Lindsey:

I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you for your advice!! It meant the world to me!! I wanted to share this with you I hope you don’t mind. I signed up over a month ago for my first 5k ever!!! Well this morning I got up too early (not a morning person) to go do my 5K and I was thinking about when I started this journey not too long ago and look where I am and what I’m doing!! I walk at my local park which is pretty flat.. today’s 5k was all hills. I thought about quitting once… and I remembered your last video and stopped and said how awesome am I!!!! Look what I’m doing!! I finished the race. I did a walk/jog. My normal time for a 3.1 is 56 minutes. At first it was over an hour. But today – hills and all – I finished in under 57 mins!!! Thanks for doing your videos and helping to motivate and educate people….without you I would be 23 pounds heavier, because as of last week that’s how much I have lost so far!! Thanks again!

How awesome is she?!

4. How to reach me: The best way to connect with me is at my fan page on Facebook. I’m there ALL the time, answering your questions and being silly. HIT ME UP: Facebook.com/BexLife.

5. OffTheCouchNati: She is a total rockstar. You need to subscribe to her youtube channel and give her tons and tons of Bexy Peep love and support. Now watch her video…

6. Discounts: My favorite brands, sponsors and friends are offering BexLife.com fans exclusive discounts to their online shops. Get your coupon codes and links on my SHOP page.

7. I went to a party for MPG Sport in NYC this week and it was incredibly cool. Their fitness line is GORGEOUS and so chic! I met up with my pals Sarah Dussault (@DietSarah on Twitter) and Bianca Jade (@mizzFITnyc on twitter) to check out the goods and chat up the MPG peeps. Everyone there was so great and they’re excited to work with me and sponsor a giveaway for all of you… coming soon!! Thank you to my bestie and yoga rockstar, Yulady, for being my super awesome date for the evening.

Sarah – me – Bianca Jade
picture stolen from Sarah Dussault because she took the best one


9. I found Sweaty Bands at the Arnold Sports Festival and thought they were so cute. I contacted them and they sent a couple to try out. I’m giving the pink & green thin band to one of you, and all you have to do for a chance to win it is comment on this blog with WHATEVER YOU WANT! Totally easy. If you want an extra chance, tweet “Win a super cute headband from @GirlRucki & @SweatyBands – https://www.bexlife.com/?p=3623”. Giveaway ends Friday, March 30 at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be chosen by Random.org.

And that’s it. I love you guys to pieces and am inspired by you every single day. I even think of you when I’m working out, because I feel a huge responsibility to stay accountable to my supporters. Rock on! xo

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Disclaimer: Sweaty Bands provided headbands for review and for the giveaway. I was not compensated by any of the companies mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own.