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Bex Life In Boxes: Let’s Be Friends… What Day Is It Anyway??

Ok, I have one free hour. I can pack some more boxes, do another load of laundry, or write this blog. Since I’ve already spent too much time preparing for this week’s video when I should have been getting ready for our big move on Tuesday, I’m just going to go ahead and do this list-style once again. … that’s what I wrote before what I’m now referring to as Farmpocalypse, an event that turned Let’s Be Friends Friday into Let’s Be Friends… Fraturday. Read on!

This week was completely off-the-chain-CRAZY!! I broke down the highlights of my vlog below, but be sure to watch for a special guest appearance by Heidi Henry from BananaBuzzBomb.com. She’s the newest member of the BexLife.com family and our new resident Vegan Triathlete. I’m trying to make BexLife.com the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of fitness (except that I’ll be wearing neon spandex instead of a cardigan… and I don’t believe in wearing shoes in the house). And did you see my Sexy Takeover Workout with Brad Gouthro? Please watch and share with your friends!

I’m also giving you the scoop on the latest development in our mission to buy Borucki-Farm. I swear, at this point, I think there have been about 27 players in this transaction. Only 3 or 4 of them haven’t inspired complete rage in me.

Justin and I worked out some of our rage during mud run training this week.
Check out our bloody knees and elbows… we are WARRIORS!

What am I doing? I have no time to write an intro for a video that I had no time to make… WATCH!! xo

Watch the full BexLifeTV playlist on YouTube

On my body: SweatyBands polka dot no-slip headband
Superhero raglan tee by Old Navy

MY HUSBAND’S TUMBLR IS AMAZING – If you’re not following Justin’s tumblr, you should be. Because he. is. awesome! And I’m not just saying that because he belongs to me. He was super cool before I even met him (though being married to me definitely upped his fantabulous factor).

I MET CASSEY HO IN NYC!!Watch the video. We’re totally cute in it. Oh, and we answer some burning health questions sent in from our followers.

BUY YOGA CURES BY TARA STILES – My friend and former boss, Tara Stiles, wrote another book called Yoga Cures, and it’s coming out on Tuesday! Her first book, Slim Calm Sexy, was a huge success, so Justin and I were totally honored when she asked us to shoot Yoga Cures. You can pre-order today on Amazon.com or find it wherever books are sold on April 3.

Tara taking a break on-set to hold Baby Summer – only 9 days old!

TAKE MY ONLINE CLASSES – Coming in May 2012, I will be experimenting with teaching yoga & fitness classes online via PowHow.com. The classes will be interactive, affordable, and will feature a little Q&A session at the end so we can get to know each other better. Please let me know if this is something that interests you. Feel free to even suggest a price! Just like all sales from the BexLife.com shop, a portion of the proceeds from each class will go to one of my favorite charities.

NEW YOUTUBE FITNESS CHANNEL – I just partnered with STYLEmeFIT, YouTube’s one stop destination for health and fitness. Founded and presented by StyleHaul, STYLEmeFIT will feature premium content by yogis, pilates instructors, nutritionists, and more. From body-transforming workouts and active-minded style advice to smart nutrition tips, you’ll find it all there. Cassey Ho and Davey Wavey have also signed on. I’m so excited!

HEIDI TRULY IS THE BOMB – If you’re even a little bit interested in vegetarianism or veganism or how you can train for athletic events on a plant-based diet, you have to check out my girl Heidi’s blog at BananaBuzzBomb.com. She just started vlogging, too, so please show her some Bexy-style love by subscribing to her YouTube channel. Heidi is going to be making guest appearances on BexLife.com from time to time, but the best way to follow her journey is hitting her up at her place on the web.

WILL SHAY CARL ACCEPT HANK’S CHALLENGE? – My friend Hank is crazy… so crazy that he wants to take on Shay Carl in a mud run. Please consider supporting his cause by tweeting the following message for me: “@GirlRucki told me to tell @shaycarl to do a mud run with @losing100lbs. Do it for the kids Shay! #HankShayMudRun” Thanks! I love you!! xo

PS – Hank is great, but his daughter Greyson is amazing!! She’s a budding YouTube star and I’m completely obsessed with her videos. Somebody hurry up and make this dolly-pop famous!!

NAME THE BEX LIFE ARMY! – My peeps need a new team name. Leave your suggestions below. Please make it awesome enough to convey how incredibly awesome we are. I know this seems like an impossible challenge, but YOU CAN DO IT!

THE REST OF THE BLAH, BLAH, BLAH – Watch the video for what-the-heck-happened with my farm closing, my favorite local pizza, and a tour of my ridiculous looking dining room. See you next week!!

PS – Voting is winding down on the Fitness Magazine Fitterati Awards. Remember to vote for BexLife.com if you enjoy my endless rambling, Baby Summer updates, and healthy-living tips! xo

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