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My Home Birth Video: One Year Ago Today

I posted my first workout video on YouTube in June 2009 as part of my Fitness Diary series on my wedding blog. And as the verse goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage…” then comes the online pregnancy announcement.

A growing belly that I thought would nip my dreams of building a fitness career in the bud turned out to be the biggest and most wonderful part of BexLife.com. I was making a baby and a business at the same… it was magical and exciting and fantastically brand new. Midwife visits, prenatal workouts and daily rants and raves on the joys of pregnancy were all shared with my friends and followers.

And in what seemed like only a blink of an eye, nine months had passed, and I was waking up Justin at 3:30AM to tell him to call the midwife. My water had broken. In twelve hours, Baby Summer was here, born at home, surrounded by family and my wonderful midwives on what would have been her Great-Grandmother’s 100th birthday in her Great-Great-Grandmother’s bed.

As I write this blog, I’m watching Summer do her wobbly walk across my living room… learning to get steady on her feet just in time for her First Birthday. Later, we’ll take her picture with Sasquatch. Today is a good day. Happy Birthday, Summer Violet! xoxo

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