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EGGS!! : Yummy Monday Egg Recipe Edition

After watching this week’s video, you may be wondering why my chickens are still in the tiny backyard at my “old” house. I dread telling you this, but we are STILL not moved in to the new house. The sellers continue to be steeped in legal/title/deed drama, so we’re just sitting back and waiting patiently for the news that it’s time to move ahead. It shouldn’t be long now…

Some good news is that we’re fully settled into Spring and my girls are laying like crazy! Egg production has never been so high and I’m very happy for the extra protein now that I’m in training again. Baby Summer also loves her breakfast of scrambled eggs and pumpernickel toast.

Justin was busy last week conducting a experiment to see if it was possible to integrate the two flocks of girls together. Our silkies (Bob, Coconut & Terry) and English bantam game hens (Biscuit & Gravy) have always lived separately from the original flock (Hazel, Georgia, Daisy, Sophie, Camilla & Mitzy). Since we started, Camilla had to be re-homed because of too many pecking offenses, Bob was re-homed because he turned out to be a rooster, and Coconut & Biscuit both fell victim to an opportunistic hawk. It just didn’t make sense to keep Biscuit and Terry all alone in the mini-coop. Justin opened up the deer netting that separated the two coops and off they went!

The very good news is that no one has died. The bad news is that the bigger (dumber) chickens are now cramming themselves into the tiny 4 x 4 space that the little girls used to run around in and are constantly clucking over who gets what space (I never said my chickens were smart). The interesting news is that the tiniest chicken of all, Gravy, who is about the size of a pigeon, has declared herself boss-hen and is strutting all over the place kicking the big girls out of their nesting boxes. The drama goes on and on. It’s really fascinating to watch it all un-fold.

our small & mighty Gravy

To celebrate the triumphant return of Spring and windfall of super-yummy-and-nutritious ORGANIC eggs from humanely raised and LOVED chickens, I’m presenting my #FitFluential Ambassador friends’ favorite egg recipes for you to enjoy. Please try them all and let me know how they turned out! I also ask you to always shop consciously when buying animal products. Know your farmer, know your food. xo

Special thanks goes out once again to Brad Gouthro for helping me out with another Bex Life video. I’m super crazy busy with a ton of amazing projects and getting my house all packed up, and he has been a lifesaver. You may remember him from our Sexy Takeover Blog & Video that posted last week. If you haven’t already, take a second to subscribe to his YouTube channel for free weekly workouts and healthy living tips & recipes.

Brad is giving us step by step instructions on his tasty & amazing Vegetarian Omelette Pizza recipe. This is a virtually carb-free, healthy breakfast that’s PACKED with nutrients and protein. You’ll find even more egg recipes from my friends below the video.

Please show them some love by visiting their blogs and pinning their recipe pics to share with your friends and followers.

Watch the full BexLifeTV playlist on YouTube
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– 4 whole eggs
– 1 tsp coconut oil
– 2 tbsp chopped green bell peppers
– 1 tbsp mozzarella cheese
– 1 tbsp parmesan cheese
– 1 tbsp tomato sauce
– Italian seasoning & red pepper flakes to taste

– Calories: 361
– Protein: 32 grams
– Carbs: 2 grams
– Fat: 25 grams (all natural & healthy!)

Angela @eatspinrunrptEat, Spin, Run, Repeat
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Lindsay @LeanGrnBeanBlogThe Lean Green Bean
Click here for her Sweet Potato Egg Boats recipe
submitted by Lindsay of Lindsay’s List

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Click here for her Egg Frittata recipe

Erin @erinsheaaRunning Tall
Click here for her His & Her Breakfast Sandwich recipe

Lori & Michelle @pure2rawPure2Raw
Click here for their Kale Sweet Potato Pie Quiche recipe

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