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Makeup at the Gym: Fitness Beauty Shoot w/ MizzFit.com

Every once in a while I’ll post something totally innocent and (what I consider to be) inconsequential on my Facebook page, and I’ll get a HUGE reaction from it. I’ve posted about my beauty routine a few times on my page and in my videos, and every time it launches some sort of dialogue about whether or not fitness and makeup can mix. (Ok, I have to pause here and disclose my daily beauty supply list: shampoo, conditioner, soap, miscellaneous acne-treatments, body-lotion, mascara, lip gloss, concealer.)

My routine isn’t simple because I’m against looking fabulous. I’m just completely lacking in the area of grown-up lady skills. And THANK GOD fluorescent is making a comeback, because I REQUIRE the most obnoxiously bright colors for my fitness wardrobe. Because I’m such a beauty noob, I’m so grateful for friends like Bianca Jade who call me up for last-minute fitness fashion shoots. She’s made me look awesome before, so I was amped to do it again!

“What? You need me in NYC for a rooftop video shoot? And I get to wear adorable gear from Actra & Lady Foot Locker and get my makeup done by Sarah Wood? Yeah, I’m so totally there.”

video shoot essentials: clothing options, diaper bag, yoga mats, doll
(bags by oGorgeous by Cassey Ho Manduka Sonia Kashuk)

my amazing assistant/daughter Winona & Baby Summer on set

Bianca and I both share the belief that when you feel like you’re looking your best, you’ll perform your best. While sweats and a ripped tee are super comfortable for working out, I always try to find fun, fashionable, sexy options to get me in the mood for working up a good sweat. Sometimes that means pairing my favorite ripped-up tee with a bright pair of capris like I did in my “Favorite Tee Yummy Abs” workout.

For a lot of women, wearing makeup to the gym is just another way to feel and look amazing for their workout. I don’t stray far from my regular mascara/concealer/lip gloss routine, but I’m no hater if you want to go full-glam for your date with the treadmill. However, there are a LOT of you who have very strong feelings about whether or not it’s appropriate to get made-up before getting your sweat on.

Sarah Wood (@MakeupByWoody) taming my crazy hair into a bun

shooting the makeup segment with Bianca Jade & Sarah Wood

For the second part of the video, I gave the ladies my own type of “beauty treatment” and worked them out under a beautiful New York City sky, putting my new look to the test. A makeover and a workout on a Upper West Side rooftop… I can safely say that I’ve had worse days.

mats by JadeMandukaPlank Designs

alignment is EVERYTHING and plank is my favorite pose

You’ll have to wait until the video comes out on MizzFit.com to see the final results of my fitness makeover and how it held up under the hot summer sun. UPDATE: Click here to check out the videos via this post. Until then, I want to hear about your own fitness beauty routine (if you even have one), your favorite products and your thoughts on makeup at the gym. I’m showing you my own regimen while I blah blah blah about my own thoughts and challenges when it comes to makeup…

Watch the full BexLifeTV playlist on YouTube

Speaking of fluorescent amazing-ness, Bianca had these adorable little bracelets by Ettika on set for wardrobe. These are from their neon collection, and I’m in love. As soon as I got home, I added them to my birthday wish list. NOT a hint. Just sayin’. Ok, maybe a hint. xo

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