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Top 10 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss & Maintenance: Yummy Monday

I put out a request on my twitter and Facebook for questions for my Month of Vlogging (more about that in a minute), and you’ve been submitting some great ones. You make me think of stuff I haven’t thought of in FOREVER!

my sad vlogging workstation

However, I’m disappointed that I haven’t got any weird, super-personal questions yet… where my creepers at?? Truth be told, I love the off-the-wall comments & questions, so ask me ANYTHING! I mean it. I may not answer, but you never know…

For the entire month of August, I’ll be posting a new video (mostly vlogs) EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ll be kicking it old-school with my iMac camera (and sometimes, even my iPhone… yikes!), little to no editing, and uploading it to YouTube after one take. Prepare yourself for some ugly but REAL video. (What have I gotten myself into?)

And you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Holy balls, I don’t think I can watch Bex ramble on about random crap for 30 days straight.” No one can. So I’ll still be hosting super fun “flash” giveaways that only last 24 hours, giving you new challenge workouts every Wednesday and bringing you behind the scenes on new projects. (I’m shooting another new yoga show for the Veria Living television network, and I’m bringing my friend Sarah Dussault along for a couple episodes!!)

with Sarah Dussault at a Fitness Magazine event in NYC (both wearing MPG)

The first question I’m answering from YOU is about FOOD (it is Yummy Monday, after all). @ama_liab on twitter asked:

“What are your weekly food staples? The 10 things you HAVE to have in your fridge every week. #askGirlRucki”

PS – I’m freaking IN LOVE with that hashtag. Use it to make me freak out and do a dance. Thanks @ama_liab for giving me hashtag romance.

picking up some ingredients for an Italian feast

our version of “fast food”

This was SO easy for me because I’m an extremely simple eater (read: hates complicated recipes, hates to cook), and I eat the same basic diet most of the time. I pretty much repeat my grocery list every week and throw in a extra thing here and there that I want to try. In today’s video, I’m only giving you my top 10 foods that I use to maintain my weight loss and provide the basic energy I need for my busy lifestyle. I also love my grains like quinoa, juicy seasonal fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe, and I can’t live without my favorite snacks like kettle corn and tortilla chips, but I’m sticking to the request and giving you 10!

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Now here’s something SUPER IMPORTANT that I need to share with you and that I want you to share with your friends. I hope you noticed the shirt I was wearing in today’s video, because it supports an amazing cause.

If you don’t already know, my husband is an amazing music photographer who got his start shooting the NYC music scene as a teenager. Through the years, he’s developed close friendships with some of the most amazing and talented people on the scene. A band that is near and dear to his heart has launched a benefit project for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation in honor of Kyle Hockenberry. Who’s Kyle? Read on…

I made my shirt “Bexy” by using this Blogilates DIY Workout T-shirt tutorial

From the benefit T-shirt’s page:

On June 15, 2011, 19-year-old Private First Class Kyle Hockenberry (4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division) lost both his legs and his left arm in an IED attack while on foot patrol in Haji Ramuddin, Afghanistan. In recognition of his tremendous courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty, Kyle was awarded one of the military’s highest honors, the Purple Heart.

Three weeks before being deployed to Afghanistan, Kyle and some friends went and got tattooed. Kyle chose the phrase “For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice”. Little did Kyle know just how meaningful his new tattoo would soon become.

A year later, after countless operations and surgeries, the impossibly brave Kyle is on the road to recovery and has begun to walk using prosthetics. Meanwhile, Kyle’s tattoo has since taken on a life of its own.

The line – or lyric – is originally from an Indecision song written back in 1996. And that is why the band has decided to make these special shirts in order to raise money to support Kyle’s recovery.

Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition t-shirt will be donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation in Kyle’s honor. The sole purpose of this amazing Foundation is to honor the legacy of love given to us by Stephen Siller, FDNY, who laid down his life on 9/11, by “doing good” in his name. The mission is to follow Stephen’s footsteps through support of children who have lost a parent, firefighters, and military who have been seriously injured and sacrifice their quality of life in the line of duty.

PLEASE consider buying a shirt for this amazing cause by CLICKING HERE. Justin and I got ours, and we’ll be wearing them proudly and often.

the song appeared on this album, cover photo by Justin
read more about Kyle’s story online at the New York Post

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