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I LOVE TO TORTURE MY KIDS + I HATE RUNNING Banjees Wrist Wallet Giveaway!

I should post some kind of disclaimer here and say that I DON’T really love to torture my kids, but that wouldn’t be true. After all the stress and mania these little mugwumps (is that a real word or just something we say in my house??) drag me through on a daily basis, I get a good amount of pleasure in making them participate in stuff they HATE. I’ve blogged in the past about my love for turning chores into life lessons. It’s just too much fun! And because I’m a fitness professional, I can turn the torture into a totally legal tax right-off. Hooray!!

This morning, I’m taking Winona running! She should be running anyway. Field hockey season is about to start any minute, and except for a very expensive sleep-away camp run by professional field hockey players (who happen to be a bunch of super cute European 20-year-old guys) that she conned her father and I into sending her to, she hasn’t really done much that involves field hockey. So I’m making her run (insert giant grin here).

Sad Winona getting ready for a solo run

Sad Winona running after the minivan as I drive away

Oh my god, I love this so hard. I love all of it… the forced together time, the cries of desperation as we hit mile one, the (fake) complaints of  belly-aches and ankle twists. I especially love the faint yelling from waaaaay behind, “Are you kidding, Mom? How far are we going? We have to turn around!!” It’s all so deliciously good.

All of this crying is over what adds up to be about 3 miles. We run to the local farm bakery and back to our house. I just wanted to clear that up before you start dialing child protective services. If she would quit her complaining, I might even feel compelled to stop at the farm bakery and buy her a cookie. Instead, I may just stop and get one for myself ;)

after my last run with Sad Winona (note her fake smile)

Winona is actually sleeping away as I type this. I hope she doesn’t freak out too much when she wakes up with a camera in her face. Remember, tax right-off!! Let’s go!

On my body: DAActive sports bra in Black w/ White trim
Actra tank from Lady Footlocker in Fluorescent Green
Gray running shorts by Old Navy
Oakley sunglasses
Banjees wrist wallet in Purple tie dye
Reebok RealFlex running shoes

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PS – If you didn’t see this month’s issue of Fitness Magazine, check it out! I’m in it!! And yes, I totally spotted the photographer and posed like I didn’t know he was there. Shameless TMZ fantasy moment ;)

Disclaimer: Sprigs provided Banjees wrist wallets for this review & giveaway.
All opinions (and whining, complaining, panting and wheezing) are our own.

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