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‘Blissed In’ Sterling Silver Bracelet – SOLD OUT


After an amazing yoga practice session or hardcore workout at the gym, I'm feeling better about myself than at any other time of the day. “Blissed In” describes the state I'm in exactly – feeling excited, euphoric, completely happy in body and spirit.

These limited edition bracelets are available exclusively on BEXLIFE.com. At least $1000 from the proceeds will directly benefit organizations that support victims of violence and human rights offenses.

Bracelets are in stock and shipping every day!
They will sell-out, so order yours soon.
Get more than one, and give a thoughtful gift!

Every authentic sterling silver and hand-braided cotton BLISSED IN™ bracelet is lovingly crafted by an independent Etsy artist and features the trademark BLISSED IN™ message on the front. Only 100 of each style will be made and will never be reproduced.

The FIRE bracelet features the message “I am.” on the inside of the silver plate. This is meant to inspire the wearer to feel limitless and completely worthy of all the bounty of the universe. It's a quiet reminder that all you ever have to be is you – no labels necessary.

The WATER bracelet speaks directly to the heart of the self-doubter. “I honor myself.” is a message to repeat before any hard decision, any big undertaking, any moment where you may feel in doubt of your greater purpose. When you honor yourself, all decisions become easy and worthy of you.

Thank you for your inspiring support of the Blissed In™ movement and victims and survivors of violence around the world. To see pictures of people in their Blissed In bracelets and apparel, click here to follow the #blissedin hashtag on instagram.

CLICK HERE to view the 2012 sold-out benefit bracelet.

Stay blissed in! xx