Starting My 21-Day CLEAN Cleanse! #ResetWithBex

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “You’re doing ANOTHER cleanse?!” Originally, I was only doing to do the 21-day CLEAN Program cleanse with Justin, but when the opportunity came up to try the 3-day BluePrint Cleanse, I had to take it. Because all cleanses require preparation in advance, I thought the BluePrint Cleanse would

BluePrint Cleanse Review & Detox Tips (video) #ResetWithBex

I am officially finished with my first commercial cleanse, and even though I’ve been sharing like crazy on Instagram, I wanted to give you a final wrap up of my thoughts on video. I told you all about the 21-day cleanse that Justin and I will be doing together in my Meditation for Detox blog,

Meditation for Detox & My First Detox Cleanse #blissedin #YH4M

You have to go inside. No matter what your goal, you have to go inside first. Health starts with what’s within – mentally, spiritually and physically. But you already know that. We all know how to get healthy, but what are the steps? Where do we start? I opened up my own meditation practice to

Do You Fight About Fitness? #FitRomance

I rarely talk about fighting with my husband, because (a) it’s private and (b) we don’t do it often. While most couples fight about sex, money and the kids (and in recent years, Facebook romances… do you know how many people file for divorce and reference FACEBOOK!?), I think the worst fights we’ve had were

Sunday NFL Football Hangover Cures – 5 Tips To Help Your Husband Recover From His Weekend

The fact that my whole social and professional life is centered around healthy living doesn’t mean that everyone in my family is down with my fitness all the time. In fact, they can be colossal pains in the butt every time I put something green on the table. But whatever… “you eat what I eat,

My husband STINKS! How I clean his workout clothes… #FitRomance

Last Monday’s blog was all about the benefits of working out with your partner (you should read it – it’s super fun), but there’s at least one drawback that I didn’t cover. When you’re sweating together, you’re also getting a little smelly together. It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world… we get dirty

Top 5 Health, Sex & Relationship Benefits of Working Out with Your Spouse or Partner #FitRomance

I thought about doing a bunch of research to find scientifically proven facts that support the statement that working out with your partner has all kinds of special benefits, but I’m too tired to deal with homework. This weekend is all about kicking back with Mr. Borucki, and I REFUSE to put in any real