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Boom-Boom Bikini Booty Workout for Your Butt & Thighs: Work It Out Wednesday

I wish I had the secret to staying fit… the perfect workout program, the magic pill, the super-powered powder that I can simply sprinkle over everything I eat and achieve true health (by the way, if you know what I’m talking about, know that I think that stuff is GARBAGE).

But there is no secret, at least I don’t know it. I try to eat good, whole foods every day and move around as much as I can. Sometimes I hit the gym. Sometimes I just take more trips up and down my stairs with the laundry basket. And if I eat like an a-hole one day, I make up for it the next with lots of water and giant salads.

I don’t weigh myself more than about once a month, I don’t diet and I don’t work out until it hurts – ever. If something isn’t simple, I just can’t get down with it. The rest of my life is crazy enough.

raw food & Reeboks – how I roll with fitness

My workouts reflect this same attitude. They’re simple, back-to-basics routines that anyone can do and everyone can benefit from. I like to think of us as workout buddies, motivating each other to keep going. There’s nothing complicated or gimmicky or insane about my approach… it’s all about friends, hanging out, working on our fitness. So let’s get this booty workout done! xo

getting to talk with you is my favorite part of making workouts

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On my body: sterling silver necklaces by Dogeared
US ARMY tank by Victoria’s Secret
Yulady gave me these Planet Blue pants at Rock Your Yoga
Crossfit sports bra by Reebok

– Front squats: 10 reps
– Sumo squats: 10 reps
– Front squats: 10 reps
– Sumo squats: 10 reps
– Alternating reverse lunges: 20 reps
– Alternating cross lunges: 20 reps
– Alternating twist lunges: 20 reps
– Repeat the entire 100-rep round 1 more times for a total of 2 rounds/200 reps

My inspiration board pic of the day:

Don’t overcomplicate your workout routine.
Throw on some fresh kicks, and get outside and play!

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