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Fitness Celebrity Jackie Warner’s Secret to Success: Healthy Is Sexy #LiveYoung

Before I left, Justin said, “Just don’t be a fan girl.”
So of course, immediately after meeting her,
I told her how much I loved her in 15 different ways.
I think I may have also passed out a little.
Here’s what I can remember from the Evian #LiveYoung event

in the cab, on my way to Miami Beach

Last Saturday I spent 11 hours flying to Miami and back to be part of an exclusive event hosted by Evian Water in Miami Beach with fitness celebrity Jackie Warner. This event wrapped Evian’s three-city pop-up workout series that was part of their Live Young, Get Fit! campaign.

I’m LOVING Evian’s message of living young and celebrating fitness

seriously losing my mind here

To say that I was completely ecstatic to be a part of this event is an understatement. Jackie has been my fitness inspiration since I started my journey to health, and meeting her has been on my “fitness bucket list” for as long as I’ve been serious about getting in shape. *For more about how I make my dreams like this one come true, read last Friday’s post.

Before we got started with the sweaty part of the day, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jackie and ask her a few questions. Justin’s work brings me around celebrities all the time, but I’ve never reacted to anyone like I did Jackie. I was completely awe-struck, and the whole conversation is pretty much a blur. Thank goodness for video.

how our interview happened

how I’m pretending it happened

After the interview, Jackie spent an hour kicking our collective asses and we spent the hour loving her for it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired and so happy at the same time. I had been up since 4:30AM, flying from New Jersey to Miami, and I was still completely amped for this workout (which, incidentally, was incredibly intense). To reward us for our efforts, Evian treated us to a tasty breakfast spread of healthy treats after our workout and a brief Q&A session with Jackie. I was starving and THIRSTY!

crunches in my Reeboks

healthy post-workout nom nom nom

with fellow FitFluential Ambassador Amanda of RunToTheFinish.com

my signed copy of Jackie’s newest book
get yours at www.JackieWarner.com

In Part 1 of my chat with Jackie Warner, I ask her about the secret to her success, and her words are nothing short of inspiring. Omg, I LOVE HER!!

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On my body: Crossfit sports bra by Reebok
Ganesha tank courtesy of Poe Yoga in Far Hills, NJ
Beyond Yoga capri leggings
Reebok RealFlex sneakers in Pink

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PS – It’s important to remember that we can all bring about huge social change by voting with our dollars. Companies like Evian and JC Penney have recently made important statements with their decisions to celebrate diversity. I want to thank them for that and urge you to support their brands when making choices about products they make and sell.

you know you want your own Limited Edition Evian Baby Tee

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