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Lose Your Muffin Top Workout: Work It Out Wednesday

I was going to shoot this week’s workout in my basement because it was super humid and buggy outside, but that wouldn’t be very Bexy of me, would it? One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get outside EVERY DAY (I really need to check in on those), so I might as well get some Vitamin D from Mr. Sun while I’m making a video for you all.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by this? I LOVE my little farm!

So I grabbed a small pre-workout snack of dried fruit from my NatureBox, and hit the backyard with Justin to shoot the video. By the way, I’m loving all the clean healthy snacks from my NatureBox this month. They’re ideal for both pre-workout and recovery. The fruity snacks give me a rush of energy and the nuts and trail mixes are packed with plant-based proteins.

Baby Summer approves of the Apple Rings.

NatureBox donates one meal for every box to feed over
14 million children in America who go hungry.
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And while we’re on the subject of food, let’s talk a little bit about muffin tops. If you didn’t see my interview videos with celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner, you missed her talking all about how even she is prone to grow a muffin top. During our workout in Miami last Saturday, she gave us a bunch of moves to strengthen and trim our core areas. Combine these moves with clean eating, and you’ll be well on your way to obliterating any trace of extra fat around your middle.

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On my body: Headband by Sweaty Bands
‘Forma’ tank by MPG Mondetta Performance Gear
Reebok capri pants
Realflex sneakers by Reebok

LOSE YOUR MUFFIN TOP! Workout video by @GirlRucki
https://www.bexlife.com/?p=4888 #FitFluential #MOVE

– Squats w/ alternating leg lifts: 20 reps
– Plank Jacks: 20 reps
– Supergirls: 5 five-second holds
– Reverse Crunches: 20 reps
– BONUS Pushups: 10 reps
– Repeat the entire round 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds

My inspiration board pic of the day (I’ve decided that after meeting Jackie Warner, a woman who has made such an incredible mark on the fitness industry, that I have to continue to try to make my own mark on this planet.):

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but I was not compensated for my opinion or this content.
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