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Anytime Fitness

Yummy Monday: My Favorite Low-Calorie Snacks

Last week, with the help of Trainer Patrick, I listed my favorite post-workout foods – yummy eats that will give you the protein you need to help with muscle growth and satisfy your snack-tooth. But what do I love before a workout? If I go to the movies with my honey-bunny? If I’m all by … (Read More)

Let’s Be Friends Friday: Working Out Sucks – Week 1

Yes, I get that it’s weird that I’m this fitness-yoga-instructor-mom-farmer-motivater, and I’m doing a 21-day challenge from a book called Working Out Sucks. But here’s the deal with the week I’m having, folks. I have a sick baby, three other demanding kids (sometimes kids are jerks – yeah, I said it), a husband who’s traveling … (Read More)

Working Out Sucks: Book Review & Giveaway

So this is what’s up. I have a book to review and a few more copies to give to you guys. Chuck Runyon, CEO and Co-Founder of Anytime Fitness (@anytimefitness on Twitter) says that his new book Working Out Sucks is “the only 21-day kick-start plan for health and fitness you’ll ever need”. I read … (Read More)