If this is the first video in the series that you’re catching, make sure you check out the others on my YouTube channel: YouTube.com/BexLife. But I want you to read on and watch today’s first – it’s especially entertaining… My good friend and sometimes-culinary-goddess,Shannon Vetere of SkinnySometimes.com, is back for another recipe video and has

If you’re anything like me, you’re no creative genius in the kitchen and you certainly don’t have tons of time to think up new healthy recipes. But if you are a culinary genius, stop reading and come cook for me! Because I’m such a disaster in the cooking department, I invite my friends into my

I lost both of my parents in 2013. My father lost his battle with cancer on April 19, and my mother passed on November 21, ten days after suffering a sudden, massive stroke. If losing my father threw me off balance, my mother’s death finished the job and knocked me right over the edge. The

Living a life without stress is less about changing your environment and more about changing your outlook. Is it possible to find peace when everything around you is completely out of control? Not only do I believe that it’s possible, I know it is… and I’ll prove it to you! Meditation has taught me many

These are examples of just a few of the surprisedly everyday low-priced organic groceries at ALDI. I’ve cut my family’s grocery bill in half! As a blogger/YouTuber, I get invited to a lot of events and get asked to sample even more products. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes they get thrown into the toss

My flight to Chicago was cancelled, so I’m sitting in Philadelphia International Airport with a couple hours to spare until the next flight. I’m traveling to the ALDI test kitchen to meet up with other health and wellness bloggers to take part in two days of events that include touring an ALDI supermarket, participating in

Blissful, pain-free, ORGASMIC… I’ve heard all of those terms used to describe natural childbirth, and every single one of them has made me roll my eyes (and then gag a little). I’ve done the natural thing – at home, with the midwife and the doula – and there was nothing blissful about it. Well, until