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How To Make Raw Vegan Basil Salad Dressing for Summer: Yummy Monday w/ Mike Perrine – Raw Food Detox Diet

SPECIAL DEDICATION: This week’s Yummy Monday is dedicated to my younger sister who OBVIOUSLY hasn’t read my blog or watched my videos for at LEAST the last forty-one weeks. After dinner at my house last night she said, “I don’t know if you’ve ever done this but I really can’t stand when bloggers use the word ‘yummy’ to describe food. You don’t do that, do you?” Real nice.

Now let’s get back to business. I have three bits of fun news before we start talking about food.

Number 1: the BexLife Farm House is FINALLY painted. The stenciling is GONE! I’m no longer having flower-border-induced seizures every time I walk into my kitchen. It’s been a long three weeks of NOT unpacking and NOT being able to use half the house at any one moment, but we survived! (Ok, I know having my house painted is no major crisis, but I’m sort of a baby when it comes to dust and unorganized spaces.)

omg, I hated this stenciling SO HARD

Summer made sure the workers stayed in the lines

Number 2: I have a trivia giveaway!! All you have to do is answer the question at the end of this blog correctly for a chance to win this pack of two Sweaty Bands. I got so many amazing goodies at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet (including these adorable Sweaty Bands), and I want to share some of them with you. (If you entered my Dogeared.com jewelry giveaway, be sure to check your blog comment to see if you won.)

my overstuffed fitness closet = more goodies for you

Number 3: My friends at Vega are offering my readers free samples of Vega One for a LIMITED TIME. Click this link to get yours: http://bit.ly/VegaOneSample. I’ve been sampling all the Vega One smoothie flavors (thanks, Vega!!), and I’ll post pics of my favorites on my instagram (bexlife). If you follow me on instagram, twitter or tumblr, you probably already know that I’m borderline obsessed with taking pictures of absolutely everything that happens during my day. Let me apologize in advance for all the baby pool pics coming this summer.

I’ll be wearing my new Vega tee in Wednesday’s workout

Mike Perrine and I are making a Raw Vegan Basil Salad Dressing for our second in a series of four recipe videos. We’re loving all the comments and questions you’ve been leaving for us, so keep them coming! I’m collecting them all for a future Q&A session with Mike. We also want to hear if you’ve tried the recipe at home. Let us know!

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recipe copyright 2010 Organic Ideas, LLC

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Raw Vegan Basil Dressing Recipe:
– 2C packed Fresh Basil Leaves
– ½ C Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon or Lime Juice
– ¼ C Nama Shoyu
– ¼ C Maple Syrup
– 2T Prepared Mustard
– ½ t Sea Salt
– 1 ¼ C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 Clove Grated Garlic

– Blend the first 6 ingredients in a blender until smooth.
– With the blender still running slowly drizzle the oil into the center until completely emulsified.
– Pour into a bottle, add the grated garlic and shake it up.
– Store in the refrigerator 3-4 days.

Play detective and answer this question:
Why does watching this video cause me to have deja vu?
Guess as many times as you’d like. A winner will be selected from the CORRECT answers using Random.org. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday June 3 at 9:00PM EST and comments will be counted up until the time of the announcement. There’s a hint in the blog. Good luck!

My inspiration board pics of the day:

making time (and room in your diet) for fun is good for you

#PROOF – taken Sunday May 27