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Breastfeeding in Public & World Breastfeeding Week 2012

So it turns out that boobies ARE a big deal. Whenever I hear someone spilling some silly rhetoric about breastfeeding being a private moment that should only be shared between mother and child, I reply with “they’re just boobs people, get over it.” But unfortunately, that just isn’t so. People get really freaked out! It’s … (Read More)

Good Morning Sunshine

Every morning I wake up blessed. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, Justin and Winona and Calvin and Jack. And thank you, Baby Summer, for giving making my mornings so sweet every single day that you’ve been with me.

I Love Mail!! : Yummy Monday w/ Baby Summer

Nothing has made me so consistently excited from childhood into adulthood as getting surprises in the mail. Then there was that ten-year period of time when I had the hottest mailman on the planet… oh, Tony. Yeah, I said his name. He knows how hot he is. Every desperate housewife in the neighborhood waited everyday … (Read More)

My Home Birth Video: One Year Ago Today

I posted my first workout video on YouTube in June 2009 as part of my Fitness Diary series on my wedding blog. And as the verse goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage…” then comes the online pregnancy announcement. A growing belly that I thought would nip my dreams of building a fitness career in … (Read More)